Reward your public group admins with our new admin tipping feature!

Public groups are one of the most popular features on Kik. They’re a great way to connect with other Kik users to chat about the topics that matter most to you - like anime, cats, or even Ariana Grande. We know our public group admins work hard to keep conversations going, give advice, share interesting and relevant content, and report spam or bad actors, so today we’re launching admin tipping to let you reward the admins who go above and beyond to improve your chat experience!

Admin tipping is powered by Kin, the currency that also gives you access to premium chat themes. Now you can take the Kin you’ve earned by completing quizzes, polls, and surveys in the Kin Marketplace and use it to reward one another. Here’s how:

To tip a public group admin on Kik, tap the “Tip” icon in the top corner of your public group chat screen. Then, select the admin you want to tip. You can only tip users who have a colored admin icon like the one shown below.


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